Ludovic Dhenry is a French solo artist. His music is recorded, mixed and mastered in his studio and produced on his own label, Neris Records. With Exponentia, he creates a fantasy world, the lyrics tell stories from this world. Creatures and dark emotions run through the work. The music is gothic, darkwave, electronic, with influences from classical and baroque music. Lyrics are highlighted by a demonic vocal, transformed with an electronic multi-effects processor. The musical projects Zauber (electro gothic) and Résonance magnétique (haunted - industrial - gothic - instrumental) allow him to enrich his work with pieces of music of a different musical style, which would not correspond to Exponentia. Currently he is in his studio to record his 11th album, Exponentia (2020). ABOUT Exponentia Gothic classical - Darkwave - Electro gothic Zauber Electro gothic - Darkwave Résonance magnétique  Haunted - Industrial - Gothic - Instrumental Eleventh Fear Electro gothic - Darkwave ABOUT          DISCOGRAPHY          LINKS Facebook Exponentia   Zauber   Résonance magnétique   Neris Records YouTube Contact :